About Us

Meet Angel & Eric Cruz

Flooring’s Best Kept Secret

We are two brothers—Angel and Eric—who own and manage Angel’s Carpet Flooring. The core element behind our success in the flooring business is the joy we see our creations bring to the people who put their trust in us.

We’re not a large, flashy company. We’re that company your friends rave about when you’re having cocktails after work (or before your video meeting starts). We have worked with so many home and business owners, many of whom went years without the flooring they want and need. They’d say to themselves, “I know what I want, but is it possible?” The unknowns around cost, time, and expectations kept them stagnant. When you set out to embellish your home and make it your space of comfort, you always know what you get when you work with us. Honesty, quality, and care.

Angel Cruz

“I created this company because I love to bring happiness to people through my art.”

Angel Cruz Mejia


“I believe in the work he does, and want to see Angel’s Flooring expand its services.”

Eric Cruz Mejia

A Childhood Dream Come True

I’ve always been great at building and creating things with my hands. As a kid I would see how happy my mother would be every time I made something nice for the house. I would dream of the day I’d build a beautiful house for my mom, and my family. This deep love of seeing loved ones take satisfaction in their space is what really prompted me to start this company in 2013 and to work with only top-notch professionals. It’s a work of love, and it’s just as much a gift to me as I hope to give to my customers.

When I came to the U.S. from Mexico over twenty years ago, it was this passion that helped me build a strong reputation in the industry when it came to installing carpet and other flooring materials.

Since that time, my brother Eric has joined me in my excitement to create the spaces people want and need. Eric is a U of M graduate and has experience in education and operations. Today, he is a powerhouse manager who brings value and a vision of growth to this company. 

I am excited to grow this company with people like him who are passionate about creating beautiful spaces for families and businesses, where they can create beautiful memories.

Quality Partners

Some of our favorite partners to work with include Exceptional Homes & Remodeling (EHR), Belfor Property Restoration, Frank Fabio Company Inc, Servpro, Total Construction, and many more high-quality professionals in flooring. To help our customers move forward, we source our flooring from a variety of quality flooring wholesalers with every budget and style in mind.